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Free delivery on orders over £70*

Teak Kediri Stool

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Teak Kediri Stool

Dimensions: H35cm x W30cm x L45cm


Beautifully handcrafted stool made of a combination of teak and suar wood. Guaranteed to enhance any room and would also work outdoors in the garden or patio.

Why Teak & Suar Wood?

Teak is one of the most sought after and expensive wood due to its ability to hold its natural oils that gives it its durability & strength, for this reason Teak will always be the go-to product for the outdoors and wet areas. Suar wood also known as Samanea Saman is a Hardwood that originates from South Mexico, Peru and Brazil, Suarwood has been used in furniture for decades due to its durability.


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